“Food of the Gods”. The Latin translation for Theobroma Cacao, commonly known just as ‘cacao’ or ‘cocoa’. A deserving name for a very widely consumed, but misunderstood product.

So Cacao or Cocoa? Most experts these days use the term ‘cacao’ to refer to the plant or its beans before processing, ‘Cocoa’ can either refer to chocolate in a powdered or butter form but it is also a British form of ‘cacao’. And finally, chocolate is often the product made from the beans.

Cacao over the past 2000+ years was most commonly a drink- not a food. And was never associated with sugar. When the Americas were discovered by Europeans, the Aztecs offered a cacao beverage as a drink, but it was thought to be too bitter... until the Spanish added honey or cane sugar to sweeten it and turn it into a popular beverage for the wealthy throughout the 1700’s. In 1828, a Dutch Chemist found that by removing the cocoa butter and pulverizing the remaining product a powdered form of cacao could be made, known from that point on as Dutch Cocoa.

Fast forward 20 years and Joseph Fry develops the first modern chocolate bar, by melting the cocoa butter back into the Dutch Cocoa powder and creating a paste.
Then the power houses arrive and Cadbury and Nestle begin mass producing and selling chocolate in the mid to late 1800s.

Now, chocolate is a 100 billion dollar global industry, with us consuming a whopping 7.7 million metric tons of chocolate annually. But unfortunately a lot of confectionary, sold as chocolate contains more sugar and chemicals than actual cacao.

At Honey and Cocoa we will be selling the finest chocolate and cacao products from across New Zealand. Our chocolate options will bring the health and benefits of cacao back into our diets through consuming pure, organic and fair trade, hand made quality chocolates.

We will have sugar free options, dairy free, and almost everything in our store is gluten free. Cacao beans are sourced organic and fair trade from the worlds best cacao growers such as Samoa, Ecuador and Colombia. Also come find naturally flavoured chocolates with sea salt, fruits and seeds, rolled cacao, organic scorched almonds, Central Otago Pinot Noir infused truffles and so much more.
If you want the decadence of chocolate in your life, but don’t want the guilt- come down and see us for some fantastic options bound to satisfy all of your needs.