Yin Yin

Arrowtown Store Manager and International Marketing

Our Arrowtown store manager has been living in New Zealand for a few years and originally comes from China. She has a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is super excited to be implementing her knowledge in combination with the cacao and honey products we stock. Prior to joining us, Yin Yin has had experience in New Zealand retail, and selling health products and honey to all corners of the world as well as being the top sales agent in her field and company. Yin Yin loves New Zealand, our lifestyle, healthy living and fantastic views. She calls it the purest and most beautiful country in the world! We are very excited to have Yin Yin and her expertise on board with us and she will be there to assist you with any of your needs. Yin Yins specialty is in Manuka Honey, where she aims to prove its known benefits and establish it as a valuable part of any household.