We are aiming to make the process easier for Chocolatiers and companies to purchase fair trade and ethical Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) from smaller cacao farmers in lower docile countries who are unknowingly creating some of the finest quality cacao in the world. The ones lucky enough to sell their hand picked, barrel fermented sun dried cacao- are doing so at rates which are not sustainable for our environment or their lives.

Our vision is to promote single origin cacao and it's unique flavours in the same way we currently see coffee, wine and even honey.

Most importantly, is to take the all the roles of the many middlemen who sit between farmer and purchaser- ensuring they receive a fair wage that correlates to the final products retail price as opposed to their own
low living wage.

We are still formulating this plan, if you are a seller of cacao or would like to be involved please get in touch.

Buyers be patient- but ready.

In the mean time- I urge you to read more about where your cacao is sourced. A good start is head over to Netflix and look at Episode 5 Season Two of Rotten- Bitter Chocolate, or Youtube 'The dark side of chocolate'.

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