Honey Brokerage

Honey & Cocoa, through it's non profit work and holding ethics and sustainability at the forefront of it's decisions, have made relationships with all the best buyers and sellers of honey across New Zealand and internationally.

We have strong buyers in the USA and China, and export globally in quantities ranging from small pallets of OEM jars to containers full of bulk high grade Manuka- all of our exports meet New Zealand government requirements (Risk Management Programs, or RMP) set by our Ministry of Primary Industries and are accompanied by official assurance in the form of electronic certificates.

We are unique from other buying and selling platforms in the way we make all of our transactions more personal, building trusted relationships with our buyers and sellers, our unique commission structure and more importantly through our efforts in smaller communities and relationships with smaller beekeepers we are able to source honey from these lower producing independent beekeepers who create their raw and pure products ethically, sustainable and with real passion- and then collate in order to make up extremely unique blends of mono-floral honey types, as well as cost effective multi-floral.

We offer all the popular New Zealand variants like Thyme, White Clover, Manuka, Kanuka, Honeydew as well as natives such as Rewarewa, Kamahi, Rata and raw multifloral bush and blends.

Our honey can be independently tested for pollen count and Manuka traits and supplied to the purchaser, or samples sent if you prefer in house testing.

When exporting, our export partners offset carbon emissions built into your purchase cost, ensuring environmental sustainability through and through.

Contact us today with your buying or selling requirements and to find out more about what's currently available, prices and opportunities.


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