Our values are Passion, Sustainability and Community



In order to be successful in any area of your life there must be a passion for what you do. We understand this basis and embrace it fully. Yes, of course, we love chocolate... Our eyes light up at the thought of unwrapping the goodness of cocoa, having the scent hit your nose and instantly spread a smile across your face. The problem now though- the super food found in cacao has been a given a bad name. Mass produced, sugar filled confectionery sold as chocolate creates a spike in energy, and insulin, and the quick high is followed by either a crash, or another quick sugar kick to sustain the feeling. Mass producing results in mass consuming, and high levels of fat and sugar are not something our bodies enjoy. So the trick is to find a balanced median. Obtain the benefits and avoid the negatives.

Cocoa, or Cacao, has more antioxidants per gram than any other food… in the world! Plus- it has been proven to release endorphins and serotonin after consumption- reducing cortisone levels and helping us with our day to day stress. Chocolate, is in fact, good for you. The secret in maintaining a healthy lifestyle plus obtain the joy this beautiful product provides is to find quality or organic chocolate and consuming it in moderation.


It was believed once humans would not survive more than 4 years if honey bees left the world. Although they may or may not be true the idea alone shows the importance the honey bee has on the world.
Honey bees pollinate our crops, allowing us to grow natural foods in which we eat on a daily basis.
Our goal is to increase the population of healthy bees worldwide and find a way eliminating Varroa Mite. Varroa Mite has been the biggest cause of early bee death and colony collapse disorder (CCD)- and the viruses they spread are getting far worse, and far deadlier than ever before.

By consuming raw, natural honey as sold by us, you are taking the first step in helping healthy bee numbers and supporting a sustainable commodity. By purchasing our New Zealand honey, you can be satisfied knowing the honey is real, natural and pure. You are helping grow our bee hive numbers, increasing our bees, supporting enthusiastic and passionate bee keepers and further helping pollinate this beautiful country.


Honey & Cocoa was established with the local community on the forefront of our minds. 
Although we want to showcase New Zealand products to the world- showing our support to the local community is incredibly important to us and we will endeavor to help the community in every way we practically can. We love being able to promote local chocolate and honey products, and everything we sell we have put thought into why we think the product fits in with our values and market.

If you’re a Central Otago local, please make yourselves known, have a chat with us and become a 'local friend' of Honey & Cocoa. 

If you are in the community, and need help with sponsorship, education on our products or anything else, please email us at arrowtown@honeyandcocoa.co.nz- and we will do our best to assist you however big or small.