BeeNZ Pohutukawa Honey

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Pohutukawa honey is a rarity and unique to New Zealand. It comes from the brilliant red flowers of the Pohutukawa tree that blossoms along New Zealand coastlines at the start of summer. The tree produces a magnificent bright red flower over the Christmas period, thus getting the name as New Zealand’s native Christmas tree.

The first glimpse: Pale gold and shimmering with a texture like caramel.

The aroma: Delicately floral, but with a sweet earthiness

The flavour: Beautifully sweet, with subtle floral notes. Close your eyes and picture the sun rising over the sea.

The experience: Pohutukawa makes the good stuff even sweeter. A generous drizzle over buckwheat pancakes. A smattering over coconut ice cream. The sweet kick in your morning smoothie. A thick slather over fresh sourdough. Or just eaten slowly off the spoon, because you've probably earned it.

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