Bees Brilliance

Bees Brilliance Original Manuka Honey Mask

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2018 Beauty Global Awards.

Bees Brilliance Original Manuka Honey Mask is a one-of-a-kind hydrating treatment. This real and thick honey mask smells so delicious, because it contains 40% REAL New Zealand Manuka Honey, thats the equivalent over nearly three tablespoons per 100 ml jar.

Indulge in this skin treat, and well have your dry skin in optimum health in no time.

Replenish moisture

Dry & sensitive skin

pH balanced

New Zealand South Island Manuka Honey (85+ Methylglyoxal Leptospermum Scoparium Mel)  is well-known internationally for its scientifically-proven skin healing properties. Honey is rich in natural sugars that help to attract moisture, creating a moisture-preserving veil over the face. The honey we use in the Bees Brilliance honey mask is sourced from our family bee hives, located in the mountain valleys in the top of the South Island of New Zealand. Because of the remote and pristine environment it is considered to be the highest quality honey.

Bee Pollen Oil  A nutrient-rich organic oil, loaded with lots of vital proteins to help restore a natural healthy glow.

Glycerin Derived from vegetable, Glycerin is another natural humectant which helps to attract moisture to the skin.

Meadowfoam Oil Has a unique fatty acid composition that helps to provide excellent nourishment.

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