Equagold Golden Light Organic Raw Vanilla Sugar

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Certified Organic light coloured raw sugar carefully blended with pure ground vanilla pods. This is a very fine grain sugar that blends easily with butter. Once you try this vanilla sugar youll be surprised how often youll add it to a recipe. To quote one customer,“That wonderful Vanilla Sugar so experiment and be pleasantly surprised!

Tips for using Equagold organic vanilla sugar:

  • Use in general baking in place of brown sugar
  • When recipe requires raw sugar for baking, desserts, puddings and sweet treats, replace ½ required amount with Equagold vanilla sugar
  • Use Organic Vanilla Raw Sugar to caramelise Onions
  • Mix 2-3 TBSP with grape seed oil and rub over salmon fillets, and roast, pan-fry, smoke on the BBQ
  • Create decadent glazed hams and marinades
  • Sprinkle as is on biscuits and cookies

Equagold is committed to quality ,100% Pure fine food ingredients No additives No bulking agents No freeflow agents No preservatives Gluten Free

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