Latitude42 Beewax Wrap

Latitude42 Beewax Wrap

Latitude 42 reusable natural beeswax food wraps are the perfect natural alternative to plastic wrap. Using our own beeswax combined with a natural resin and jojoba oil these wraps keep your food fresh while being environmentally friendly.

Small wraps (28x25cms) are perfect for wrapping cheese, fruit, vegetables, crackers, baking, nuts and to cover jars and bowls.

Large wraps (38x33cms) are perfect for sandwiches, larger vegetables, fruit and to cover bowls.

To use simply wrap around your product and the warmth of your hands will seal the wrap over food and dishes.

To care for your wax wrap, simply wash in warm water and a mild soap and hang to dry.

As they are made from beeswax the wraps cannot be heated so avoid using in microwaves, ovens and dishwashers.

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