New Zealand Honey Co.

New Zealand Honey Co. UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey

$144.99 $164.90
  • MANUKA HONEY Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey is a known superfood; used for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. May support digestive and immune health and relieve symptoms of sore throats and coughs
  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR FOOD Boost your everyday food with our Manuka honey. Our UMF 20+ can act to increase the benefits of many foods; health shakes and drinks, muesli, marinades, etc.
  • 100% NEW ZEALAND MADE All our Honey is foraged, harvested, packed and tested in New Zealand, all our batches are independently tested, meaning you can be completely sure what you receive is 100% genuine, as stated on the jar
  • UMF CERTIFIED We are a member of the UMF association; this means that our honey meets strict grading criteria and what is stated on the label is guaranteed at a minimum
  • SUSTAINABLE SOURCE Manuka is an indigenous tree of New Zealand and can only be sourced from our unique and beautiful country. Our Manuka honey is a natural living food meaning it still contains all the natural pollens and enzymes as it is the original sweet liquid produced by the bees

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