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Nic's Gold Mountain Wildflower Honeycomb


Honeycomb, without any human interference.

Raw, pure, gold.

The word 'honey'comes from the ancient Germanic word 'hunanga'. In those days there was no way to extract the honey, so this how honey was always eaten.

No processing.

No Filtering.

This mountain sourced honeycomb is produced by placing the wee plastic box into the hive, letting the bees build out the comb & fill with honey- and then the lid  is placed straight on top.

So this is as raw and pure as New Zealand honey will ever get.

In the 1860's, Nicholas Von Trunzelmann hoped to strike GOLD when he discovered this remote land on the shores of Lake Wakatipu.

He didn't.

150 years later, a cheeky Bavarian girl knew where to look and found it in the sweet nectar of the surrounding bush.

So, with the help of some happy bees we bring you this special honey, homemade with love!

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