No.8 Essentials

No.8 100% Natural Solid Perfume with Manuka Oil

$24.99 $27

No. 8 Essentials earliest product is a range of 100% natural solid perfumes. They have been refined a bit over time to the current range of six unique fragrances, with natural liquid perfumes coming too. Each is a complex mix of high quality essential oils, carefully crafted  to create a lasting fragrance. The base is an all-natural mix of plant oils and butters, with New Zealand beeswax. Plus the magical manuka essential oil, giving it a real NZ twist. Synthetic vs. Natural Virtually all commercial perfumes rely heavily on synthetics and many people react adversely to them. While a small number of people can be sensitive to natural ingredients it is much less common. No. 8 Essentials have met many people that claim to have problems with perfumes, only to try ours and be fine with them.

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