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No.8 Essentials Natural Deodorant


Never tried a natural deodorant? Put off by having to smear it onto your armpits with your fingers? Looking for a deo that works, but doesn’t come with the plastic waste? Don’t want to use a deodorant or antiperspirant that uses aluminium salts? Our deo product may well convert you.

That our original range of deodorants were vegan-friendly was a complete accident. It was simply a decision to use candelilla wax (a plant wax) because of its characteristics. To be able to cater to a group that often struggle to find suitable products was great. After many requests for a range with beeswax too, we began testing new formulations and fragrance combinations, before bringing our new range out, in 3 lovely new scents too!

The combination of nourishing naturally antibacterial oils and baking soda works hard to keep you smelling fresh all day – even when you’re working hard too. Your body still does what it should be doing – sweating (it’s an important natural process). To be honest, we were initially sceptical that a natural deo could work. Surely all they do is just mask the smell, right? But after about a decade of being quite whiffy no matter which roll-on was used, anything was on the cards for trying. The results were instant and blew our minds. And THAT is the backstory to developing this deo! Since then they’ve been used by hundreds, with converts all over New Zealand. We’ve happy stories of odour-free days from all manner of people - office workers, people exercising, it’s even stood up to sunny days working outside concreting and surveying.

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