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Queenstown Thyme Honey - Miners Rush Vintage 2019

$19.99 $25

Tāima Honey is very special because of its health benefits and taste. Historically the Ancient Greeks used Tāima Honey in their diets. One of the things that makes Tāima Honey so special is because of its powerful antioxidant healing properties.

The type of antioxidants found in thyme honey have been labelled defensive antioxidants. Tāima Honey has a distinct herbal flavour, and can be used in creating fine food. We personally enjoy a small amount of Taima Honey with Green Tea making a truly magical drink.

Our Bee-Keepers worked tirelessly to create the very best 2019 vintage, which was quite a windy summer season for the bees to work in.

Compared to 2018 the 2019 vintage is lighter and the flavour is creamier and sweeter.

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